Framed Glass Partitions: A Recipe For Success

Banded Glass Case Studies

Unlike our traditional glass partitioning installations, this kitchen project in Liverpool required a significantly smaller amount of glass. The end result? Chef’s kiss.

Banded Glass Partitioning

The Challenge

We cooked up a storm in this latest glass partitioning installation, playing a vital role in our client’s wider refurbishment project in Liverpool. With the introduction of darker counters to their kitchen, they were keen to maximise the volume of natural light that was able to enter the space. These dark counters featured light, marbled countertops with the potential to reflect and amplify the available light, they were looking for solutions that fell outside of the box. All they needed was a way to let the light enter.

This is where we come in. As glass partitioning experts, we have the perfect ingredients to ensure your space maximises as much light as possible. In fact, we’ve written an entire article about how our glass walls can help your business to maximise the natural light – you can read it here.

The project’s vision strayed away from our traditional floor-to-ceiling installations. Instead, we were required to fit a glass barrier that started from the countertops and stopped before reaching the ceiling. This design would maintain visibility to the adjacent rooms, all while allowing light to flow freely throughout the space.

The Solution

Glass was the ideal material for this project, adding to the modern interior design. We chose to install safety toughened glass for durability and safety within a kitchen environment.

The cherry on top was the framework we added to the glass (you may also know this as banded glass partitioning). This popular system features UPVC banding that interconnects at several points across the glass panel. This was selected in a black colour (RAL 9004) which created a striking contrast that fitted beautifully with the contemporary kitchen decor. 

Having carried out an initial site survey, we ensured the glass was made to measure, eliminating any potential for costly errors later down the line and ensuring a smooth installation process. This step in our process allowed us to complete the project within the outlined timeline.

The end result was a beautiful, framed glass divider that brightened and opened up the renovated kitchen. The project showcases how even small amounts of glass, when used creatively, can make a significant impact.

If you’re inspired by this banded glass partitioning installation in Liverpool and are considering a similar project, get in touch with our team today. We can help you bring light and modern design into your space, with systems to suit all preferences.

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