Glass Walls for Offices

Office glass walls also known as office partitions have become a popular trend in the office fit out and design industry, and are continuing to grow. More and more businesses are realising the benefits of having glass walls within their workplace, but just what are the benefits, and what are the main types of glass partitions?

In this article we explain what are the benefits of glass walls, the different types, how they can fit with different wall configurations, and types of glass doors that help to complete the look of a glass partition.

What is a glass wall?

Glass walls or glass partitions are panes of glass that are non-load bearing and help to divide up room space. Glass partitions are usually full height, floor to ceiling glass panes.They work particularly well in offices as room dividers and are perfect for opening up a room letting light flood through, helping to create an open airy work space.

What are the benefits of glass walls?


Glass walls have the benefit of being visually transparent letting light filter through but cutting the noise levels out. It also helps employees to feel they have a space where they can break away from the main office but still feel included in the surroundings. A simple glass partitioned area with a door can give employees a space to close themselves off and not have to be concerned with goings on in the rest of the room.

Maximise natural light

Using glass walls within an office environment not only helps to divide space and maximise natural light, but can also be less costly than building traditional walls. You don’t have the headache of hiring builders to come in and install solid stud walls which are immovable.


Another benefit of glass walls being used within an office space is how they’re so simple when it comes to refurbishment in the workplace. They can be assembled and disassembled in no time and requiring no structural modifications. This is great for if you’re thinking of further expansion in the future, as they can be easily taken down and moved with minimal disruption.

A pleasing work space

Whatever type of glass partition configuration you choose, glass walls bring a stylish element into the work environment making room dividers a more appealing work space to work in. They are aesthetically pleasing and keep with modern design principles and latest trends.

What are the different types of glass partitions?

Single and Double Glazed

It’s proving more and more popular for offices and corporate buildings to incorporate more glass features into their workspaces for that modern touch. Single and double glazed partition solutions enables businesses to utilise areas more effectively by dividing space, whilst still allowing natural light to give a spacious, airy environment. The glass provides a clean, modern feel to a space.

Acoustic Glass Partitioning

Acoustic Glass partitioning systems delivers the ultimate in acoustic performance. Available in both single, double glazed and banded options, ensuring that you can achieve the style you desire with your acoustics needs. Loud voices cannot be heard through acoustic glass partitions which is a perfect solution for team meetings or those all-important confidential conversations.

Banded Glass Partitioning

Framed glass partitioning is becoming increasingly popular as the trend for industrial style offices booms. This Shoreditch style banded glass partitioning is particularly favoured by creative, media, marketing and PR offices and any other trendy establishments.

The banded glass partitioning compliments buildings original features like brickwork; exposed ducts and pipework; timber beams and wooden floors. It provides an art deco, stylish finish. An aluminium frame runs around the perimeter and UVPC bars intersect the glass, giving a framed finish throughout.

Curved Glass Partitioning

For those that want the ultimate in glass partitioning curved glass brings life to a partition. It’s a system that works well as either a standalone feature or a series of curves that make a feature of the wall, and a statement to create a great first impression.

Wall configurations

There are many different types of room configurations which glass walls work well with. We have outlined a few of the most popular below.

Inline wall

An inline wall is an ideal option for separating two rooms. Inline walls can be installed with or without an opening glass door.

Corner room

Corner rooms feature two adjacent glass walls and are ideal for creating an inline cubicle.

Inline cubicle

Inline cubicles can create multiple rooms with glass wall dividers. Each inline cubicle will require at least one door.

Glass end cubicle

Similar to inline cubicles, glass end cubicles use glass as the end wall, creating a three-sided glass cubicle and a two-sided glass cubicle.

Don’t forget about doors and hinges to complete the look of your glass wall partition.

Frameless Glass Door

This is a stylish, elegant solution made of a single glazed sheet of glass. The glass door sits flush to the glass partitioning.

Framed Glass Door

This is identical to the frameless option but that glass is housed in an aluminium frame. This creates an alternative style and also increases acoustic levels.

Double Glazed Framed Door

This is made up of two layers of glass with an aluminium frame sealed in between the frames. This door performs very highly in acoustic testing.

Sliding Glass Door

These can either be top hung or hung from the 3/4 position. Sliding doors are normally selected for ergonomic or style reasons.

Fire Rated Glass Door

Occasionally your glass will need to correspond with requisite fire ratings. This applies to the door as well as the glass. We supply fire rated glass doors to correspond to the full range of legal requirements.

Door Extras

Handles, locks, signage otherwise known as manifestations. These can each be added on as required to all doors. Please note, all glass, including doors will legally require manifestations.

To sum up there are a breadth of frameless glass walls and doors available to suit any office environment. All our glass options for interior applications feature a clean, contemporary aesthetic which offers separation with total transparency, natural daylight, and acoustical privacy when closed.

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