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Single Glazed Case Studies

For this set of installations in Sunrise Care homes, we used single glazed glass partitions to create safe spaces for visitors.


The Challenge 

We’ve all felt the struggles from the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s perhaps been hardest for those who are elderly and isolated. Restrictions mean visits from family members and friends are less frequent if not non-existent.

Whilst care homes are doing their best to adapt by creating safe spaces for visitors to see their loved ones, it’s not always easy. At Glass Partitioning UK, we want to help in any way we can. Already, we’ve helped businesses welcome staff back to the office with protective measures such as glass screenswe hope to also help our client with their care home.

The Solution 

The UK Government provides funding for adult social care. This includes an infection control fund that allows care homes such as our clients to put protective measures in place. We’ve already worked with over 20 care homes across the UK to deliver glass partitioning installations to make their building safer for residents and visitors. We wanted to continue our efforts for Sunrise Care Homes in London.

We installed a set of glass partitions across their care homes to keep their residents safe. For this, we advised that single glazed glass partitions would be the best system:

  • Single glazed glass partitioning is one of our more affordable systems. This means we could complete multiple installations without a huge price tag. Despite expectations, the cost of the glass partitioning doesn’t affect the quality and finish of the glass walls.
  • The transparency of the glass means that the care home’s residents could see their loved ones, helping to boost their mental health and keep a positive attitude.
  • Whilst single glazed glass walls do offer a degree of acoustic protection (up to 33 dB), conversations are heard through the glass. This made it the perfect option for care homes as the glass protects residents from the COVID-19 virus, and they could still speak to their loved ones.

Due to legal requirements, we added glass manifestation to our care home partitioning. This indicates that the glass is there and prevents anyone from walking into it. We offer a variety of manifestations, however, our client opted for classic DDA Dots as they are subtle, minimal and cause as little obstruction to sight as possible.

Are you looking for social distancing solutions to protect your workforce or customers during the pandemic? To discuss your options and how our glass partitioning can help, we encourage you to contact our experts today.

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