Glass Sustainability

As the climate crisis becomes increasingly pressing, companies across the construction and fit out industry are sourcing solutions to address the imperative need for action. With sustainability growing in both commercial and domestic settings, innovative contractors, engineers and designers seek to lower their carbon footprint.

At Glass Partitioning UK, we acknowledge the crucial importance of sustainability. Along with being a paperless company, we advocate glass as a sustainable alternative to other partitioning materials. To help our customers make informed, eco-friendly purchases, we’ve outlined a few ways in which glass can provide a clearer vision to a greener future.

Going Green With Glass

There are many reasons to invest in glass partitioning; aesthetics, health advantages, work ability, expenditures – the list is endless! Importantly, glass partitioning is a sophisticated interior solution with attributes that make them a sustainable option for many businesses.

1. Glass is Made From Renewable Materials

Glass is an ecological material, consisting of a mixture of resources that are melted together during the manufacturing process. This includes silica (frequently found in sand), limestone and other treatment additives.

Environmental Impact: The raw and natural materials used to form glass are a renewable resource, produced without the manipulation of humans. This means they can be sourced and replenished time and time again, without creating a shortage of material.

2. Glass is 100% Recyclable

Glass can be fully recycled without impacting quality or value. Unlike more standard, solid partitioning, the additional waste produced during the recycling process is extremely low. What’s more, aluminium is also a widely recycled material, should you choose to partner your glass partitions with our banded framework.

Recycled Glass

Environmental Impact: Recycled glass can help to reduce quarried materials that use energy for manufacturing, as well as reduce the volume of rubbish that pollutes our landfills.

3. GPUK Glass is Made to Measure

At Glass Partitioning UK, we ensure all of our manufactured glass is made to measure. The glass partitioning we provide is made based on exact measurements taken by our expert installers.

Environmental Impact: By only using the right measurement of materials, we ensure we don’t produce any excess glass that can go to waste.

4. Glass Design Helps Reduce Energy Expenditures

The transparency of glass partitioning allows natural light to shine through the walls, illuminating spaces. This improves lighting with a range of health benefits and reduced energy usage and expenditures.

Environmental Impact: Fluorescent lighting is renowned to have a short lifespan, with many finished bulbs ending up in landfill. Natural light passing through glass partitions significantly reduces the volume of bulbs ending up in the rubbish and energy used to keep them on.

5. Glass Has a Long Lifespan

Robust and durable, our glass partitioning is made using safety toughened glass. This, coupled with the ease at which they can be relocated to different spaces, means they have a long lifespan and require minimal maintenance.

Environmental Impact: Being easy to mount and dismount means new partitions aren’t needed should a business decide to relocate, minimising construction from new partitioning, emissions and leftover materials that are discarded in landfill. 

Planting The Seeds of Sustainability

At GPUK, we want to go one step further to combat climate change. We’ve teamed up with Moor Trees and their ‘Plant a Tree’ scheme to contribute to a sustainable future.

Plant a Tree Scheme

Moor Trees are a Devon-based charity with a headstrong mission to restore native woodlands in their surrounding areas with surveys and research, woodland creation, tree-planting, tree nurseries and much more!

Tree planting is a sustainable method that works to improve overall air quality, provide natural habitats for wildlife and improve our general wellbeing. After just a year of our monthly donations to support Moor Tree’s amazing work, 64 trees were planted (mitigating for 32 tonnes of CO2 being used!).

Plant a Tree Scheme

With the introduction of our ‘Plant a Tree Scheme’, our customers are able to make sustainable purchases to benefit the world around us. To discuss the ways we can help your business become more sustainable, please contact our team.

Some of our clients

We work with a range of brands from tech start-ups, to government & education.

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