Our Glass Guide – Deciding the right glass partition for your project

So, you’ve decided that a glass partition is the perfect way to divide your space. It can, however, be overwhelming when choosing the type of glass best for your project. Our team of knowledgeable experts, with over 20 years of experience, are happy to help you create a space you’ll love. We’ve made a simple guide on the types of glass available and their suited applications to help you decide.

Why would you need a glass partition?

Glass partitions and walls are an ideal way to utilise space by segmenting a room whilst also offering maximised light, versatility, social distancing solutions and much more. They are popular in offices due to their sleek look and modern design. If you’re an office owner thinking about using glass partitions, read about the five benefits of using glass walls in your office.

What type of glass is right for your project?

Single Glazed Glass Partitioning

Our most affordable product, single glazed glass is a great high quality solution to create office space on a budget. With sound protection up to 33dB, loud conversations can be heard through the glass but normal talking is muffled.

The smooth glass is contemporary and sleek, measuring either 10mm or 12mm in thickness. The finish appears ‘frameless’ due to clear, seamless joint systems, and the toughened safety glass is set in slimline 25mm head, wall and base. These aluminium perimeter tracks are available in different colours. For the option of adding custom window films and logos, please get in touch.

As per the sound performance of single glazed glass, this partitioning system is best used in standard offices and non-confidential meeting rooms where privacy is not essential. Single glazed glass partitions are a sophisticated solution to divide your workspace whilst working with a budget.

Double Glazed Glass Partitioning

A step up in acoustic qualities, it’s clear why double glazed glass partitions are slightly more expensive than single glazed. Not only is double glazed glass double the materials, but it also provides sound insulation with higher protection (up to 44dB) meaning normal conversations, such as discussions between members of staff, are barely audible and louder conversations are unlikely to be interpreted. Furthermore, if double glazed partitions are combined with a suspended ceiling that also boasts sound-absorbing qualities, then the area behind the glass becomes even more soundproof. 

The modish style is very similar to single glazed partitions with that ‘frameless’ finish, as well as laminated acoustic glass. An option to install integrated blinds between glass sheets make double glazed dividers unique; your new space will have the same high class, minimalist design with low-maintenance blinds that can withstand the bustle of an office.

Due to increased soundproofing, we think double glazed partitions are perfect for most offices, private meeting areas and board rooms. 

Acoustic Glass Partitioning

If you are looking to create rooms with complete noise protection, you might want to consider our premium product: acoustic glass partitions. By bonding an acoustic PVB membrane to the glass panels, internal sound vibrations are absorbed and external vibrations are unable to penetrate through the glass. The overall noise level is reduced by up to 50%, so you can rest assured that you can create a private space free from noise interruptions. The acoustic panel adds an extra 0.8mm of thickness to either a single or double glazed partition, depending on the functionality you want.

The unique noise protection of up to 50dB makes our premium glass partitions ideal for meeting spaces where confidentiality is key. It’s also perfect for collaborative areas where any commotion can be contained. 

Banded Glass Partitioning

Industrial framed glass partitions are a stylish solution to building a more creative workspace. Unsurprisingly, they are one of our more popular products, adding personality into offices with their quirky finish. Aluminium framework, available in a variety of colours, intersects the glass, complementing heavy building features like pipework and timber beams. There’s the option to decide the quality of the glass we use alongside the banded framework to fit the fundamentals of your project.

Our banded glass partitions are a creative office divider, favourited by companies alike. They compliment media or marketing office spaces, reflecting their ability to stay on trend. Whether you work in the creative industry or are simply looking to vamp up your workspace, the framed glass is a popular choice.

Modern Glass Office
Switchable Glass Partitioning

Rooms that facilitate a multipurpose may need both solid walls and clear partitions. Smart glass partitions, also known as privacy glass, have a switchable feature that turns the glass transparent or opaque, depending on the setting selected on the remote control. It grants offices with the best of both worlds; there’s the benefits of a transparent partition (where natural light can seep through to create an airy environment) and opaque partition (allowing for privacy). Aside from the visual qualities, the glass is heat resistant and shatterproof for your safety. When switched off, the clouded partition can be used as a HD projection screen.

The smart and professional appearance looks impressive in corporate spaces – with the added bonus of the HD projection for presentations, video calls and more. The flexibility of switching between private and public areas is ideal for commercial areas such as hospitals, where the public and private procedures coincide. Some homeowners may be interested in smart glass partitions as they create minimal rooms where blinds and curtains aren’t required.

Demountable Glass Partitioning

As your business grows, your working space might need to adjust to fit your circumstances. Demountable glass partitions are a versatile and cost effective way to do this; they can be removed and taken to another office, should you decide to upgrade workspaces, or an existing space can be easily updated without the cost of replacing the whole partitioning. Removable glass walls have the same clear appearance as the permanent glass partitions but are framed in aluminium, available in a variety of finishes. At Glass Partitioning UK, we offer customisable plasterboard modules with wall coverings available in over 40 finishes to add to your partition.

Versatile and adaptable, the demountable glass partitions sit well in rented and shared offices, or with upcoming businesses to adjust your space as you grow.

Curved Glass Partitioning

Our curved glass partitions are definitely a show-stopper. Their premium design looks professional and can be the centerpiece of an office. They can follow the bend of a pre-existing building feature, like a staircase, to make effective use of space. Faceted glass partitions are also available for a more affordable price and can still give the illusion of the curved glass.

The authority of a high-end, curved partition has meant that they create the perfect corporate space. As a centre design piece, they are a top quality feature that can distinguish your office apart from others.

Moveable Glass Walls

Although self-explanatory, moveable glass walls have other qualities that are often overlooked. They allow a room to effortlessly alternate between a divided, private or open space. In doing so, the acoustics of a room can also be adjusted by sliding the wall across, meaning the glass walls are versatile to create multipurpose offices. With the option of folding glass walls with ‘bottom rolling’ or ‘top hung’ low profile tracks, your space is easily transformed from private to communal. Glazed movable walls have a stacking element with aluminium framework available in a variety of colours. The panels operate semi-automatically to secure to a fixed wall. If glass isn’t your style, there’s also the option of vinyl and wood moving walls.

Educational environments, conference rooms and other larger spaces benefit from moveable glass walls as they adapt to different room requirements. For a University, it can be moved for a bigger lecture hall or divide up to improve acoustics, creating a smaller learning space. Sliding or folding glass walls are also great for smaller offices where a meeting room is needed quickly but not permanently.

Doors and Manifestations 

At Glass Partitioning UK, we also offer doors and manifestations to compliment your new glass office walls. From frameless, to framed, to sliding glass doors, you pick the style you like best. Why not mix up your design with timber doors, compatible with our glass partitioning systems to create a modern appearance with natural features. Explore our door options here.

Manifestations are legally required on most glass partitions for health and safety reasons. Our team can work with you and your designs to add bespoke manifestations, also known as stickers. We think adding your company name or logo would look great on your new partition. Read about glass manifestations on office walls further. 

Office Glass Logo

We provide fire rated partitions to ensure your safety based on the fire protection required in your area. These glass partitions and fire screens can offer up to 120 minutes of protection, acting as a barrier to stop the progression of smoke and restricting heat movement. Our team at Glass Partitioning UK are experienced in fire protection and can guide you through finding the right glass partitioning for your space.

Let Us Help

If you are still uncertain on what glass type is best for your project, or have any other requirements, do not hesitate to contact our friendly team. At Glass Partitioning UK, we are professionals in installing glass partitions for a vast range of projects and can help find a suitable solution for you.

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