A Guide to Glass Doors for Office Partitioning

Having the right internal glass doors to complement your office partitioning is essential in establishing increased privacy, while still allowing for a bright and modern solution. Glass partitions not only add an element of sophistication to your workspace but also ensure that the natural light flows seamlessly throughout the area, creating an open and inviting environment.

We will always ensure that your glass walls and doors complement each other. Throughout this page, we showcase what can be achieved in your office with glass partition doors. So let’s explore the various styles and benefits that different types of glass doors can bring to your workspace.

More is Less: Frameless Glass Doors

They may be understated, but the frameless glass partition wall with door remains a classic choice within a commercial environment. They do what they say with minimal fuss. Made from a single-glazed sheet and fitted flush to the walls and ceilings, you end up with a stunning seamless finish boasting elegance and simplicity.

Our client featured above had these stunning frameless glass partition doors fitted. They asked for a high-end finish, allowances for natural light, and a cost-effective solution to dividing up their office space. Read the case study here.

A Trending Choice: Framed Glass Doors

Combine black tracks with framed internal glass doors, and you have a professional and contemporary office solution. It continues to be a popular choice, both in the office and at home, making it a sound investment for modernising your space.

Banded glass partitions run around the edges using an aluminium framework, with UVPC bars intersecting the glass. It’s not just available in black; there are softer finishes, like anthracite grey, which give a more subtle look. These choices allow you to tailor the design to match your office’s unique aesthetic.

Banded Glass 1

On the above job, our client’s main priority focused on not making their existing workspace feel smaller, while also creating a modern design which matched the existing office space.

By using framed glass partition doors to compliment their glass partition choice, the new office space tied in perfectly – making extra space without making the office feel smaller and ensuring natural light was still present. Read the case study here.

Slide and Save: Sliding Glass Doors

For offices which are short on space or have awkward setups, sliding doors are an ideal choice. Hinged doors can take up precious space in a limited area, but sliding glass doors are usually hung from the ceiling, meaning the doors don’t encroach into any available space. This makes them perfect for maximising the usability of your office layout.

Industrial Framed Glass Partitioning in London | Glass Partitioning UK

The pictures above are from a returning client who wanted to create a new office space but understood that they had to work around space limitations.

The team embraced the challenge and made some smart choices about space planning. As a result, we collectively decided on a stunning black sliding glass door, which was top-hung, reflecting the glass panels themselves. The outcome was both practical and visually striking. Read the case study here.

Switch It Up: Movable Glass Doors

Combine internal doors with glass and a sliding mechanism, and you have a flexible space at the click of a finger with our movable glass doors. One day it’s private, and the next it’s an open-plan workspace. From an after-work get-together to board meetings to the division of classrooms, this space can be super flexible to your needs.

When considering folding glass there are three kinds to choose from; folding glass walls, glazed moveable walls, and solid moveable walls. Each option offers slightly different characteristics and will depend on the environment you want to create. Find out what would suit you best here.

Extra Layer of Protection: Fire Rated Glass Doors

Sometimes a building requires fire-rated glass doors. Generally, glass partitions aren’t required to be structurally fire-rated*, but there are cases when regulations state they must be. Our team have a host of knowledge on fire safety, so they can advise you on whether this is required.

Fire Rated Glass Partitioning

Fire-rated glass partition doors have two categories – fire integrity and fire insulation. Integrity helps stop the progress of fire, whereas insulation refers to the restriction of smoke and heat. Classifications will be listed in terms of minutes of integrity/insulation. To learn more about this click here.

Considering Glass Partitions and Doors?

Our team is full of experts and they’d love to chat with you about how glass partitions might work for you. The advice and quotes are all free too. Our end-to-end service is here to support you throughout the full process, ensuring that your office transformation is seamless and meets all your expectations.

*According to UK Building Regulations

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