Tax Benefits of Demountable Glass Partitioning

Due to the typical nature of a business, the workplace is constantly changing with fluctuating staff numbers, updated office layouts, relocations into new premises and more. In order to prepare and adjust to these new circumstances, demountable glass partitions provide the perfect solution.

Versatile, adaptable and cost effective, relocatable partitions can create incredible areas within growing workspaces. Whilst maintaining the same professional and modern appearance as permanent glass partitions, these demountable dividers have the added bonus of an easy installation and removal process – removing the costs of replacing the whole partitioning!

What are the Tax Benefits of Demountable Glass Partitioning?

What you might not know about demountable glass partitioning is that most are eligible for certain tax benefits. This arose after a court case (Jarrold, H M Inspector of Taxes, vs John Goods & Sons Ltd.) reached the verdict where the relocatable element of these office dividers changed how they are categorised and therefore taxed.


Following this, businesses now have the ability to claim capital tax allowances for their demountable glass partitions. Despite some applications seeming to be a more solid feature within a building, the intention of these relocatable partitions to be relocated means they now qualify as Plant & Machinery and are eligible for certain tax benefits. For further information on what can be classified as a Plant & Machinery asset, read more here.

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, between April 2021 and March 2022, the Government introduced a super deduction, a scheme available for companies investing in Plant & Machinery during this period. Businesses can hereby claim 130% super deduction capital allowance on Plant & Machinery in the workplace! For further information, check out the Government Super Deduction Factsheet or read more here

Please note, we advise that you always seek legal advice to ensure your demountable glass partitioning falls in line with these terms.

More Benefits of Demountable Glass Partitioning

Whilst the tax efficiencies are a huge benefit to selecting demountable office partitions, there are many other reasons to choose this partitioning system as an interior solution to divide up the workplace.


A few main advantages include:

  • Versatility – Demountable glass partitions grant businesses with complete flexibility and control over the design and layout of their workspace. This makes them ideal for more permanent applications such as rented or shared office spaces or growing businesses looking to expand their premises in the future.
  • Cost Effective – Why buy a new partitioning system into the new workplace when you can just bring your existing one? Investing in demountable glass partitioning can save businesses money as they can simply reinstall the dividers wherever they go. Not only can you take this partitioning with you should you decide to relocate, it also grants you with design freedom to play with your existing layout and create new spaces.
  • Simple to Install – Demountable glass partitions are engineered to make the process of installation and removal quick and easy. The systems achieve this with a handy framework design that is simple to assemble, arriving onsite pre-finished.
  • Customisable Options – Our demountable glass partitioning is available with a wide range of customisable module options, ready to suit your space. This includes the option of single or double glazed glass panes, depending on the requirements of the workplace.

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