A Guide to Positioning Your Glass Partitioning

Where you position your glass partitions is key to successful space optimisation and achieving your dream interior design. It may seem simple enough, however, there are many different factors to consider in order to achieve your desired outcome.

Lucky for you, you’re in the right place. We want your glass office to be as perfect and hassle-free as possible. Our glass experts have compiled their advice into this simple guide, available for you for free. We’ll cover the key considerations you’ve probably overlooked when it comes to installing your glass partitions. Let’s delve in..

1. Identify Any Trunking

..And don’t just look out for trunking. Take note of any skirting boards, pipes, shelving, window sills and window coverings. Whilst these features are necessary within the workplace, they can put a spanner in the works when it comes to ensuring a smooth installation. For example, they can create gaps around the perimeter track which can compromise thermal insulation and acoustic performance.

You may want to position your glazed partitions to avoid these features. If, however, this seems impossible (some trunking and skirting board can run along the entire length of a room!), don’t worry. We have plenty of solutions to overcome this minor installation challenge without compromising quality. You can check out our projects for more reassurance.

2. Address Office Décor and Built-In Utilities

Your office décor and other elements such as built-in features are often forgotten when deciding to install a glass office. Lighting, radiators, fire alarms and sprinklers are often integral to the day-to-day functioning and safety of your workplace, so it’s important not to compromise them in the process.

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It may be that the positioning of these features will also need to be moved to ensure they’re present in each office area. For example, your freshly divided glass meeting room may also require additional sprinklers to ensure the safety of your employees at work. We recommend checking your local building codes and regulations to ensure you stay compliant.

3. Factor in Furniture and Fixtures

If your office furniture, for example desks, are bolted down, then you may be limited in where your glass partition walls can be installed. We recommend modular furniture that can be moved and adapted to suit your glass office, plus any reconfigurations in the future. If you have bolted furniture, our team can always help to recommend the best layout for your glass partitions.

We also recommend considering the workflow or movement within your office. Look at how your team members use the space and use this to ensure you support natural wayfinding within your building.

4. Consider Door Placement

Don’t forget the doors! The positioning of your glass doors impacts the flow of traffic, privacy requirements and the overall accessibility of your new glass office.

Take the time to consider where your glazed doors are best situated – is it at the corner of your glazed partitioning system, or are they best centralised? Will they enhance the natural flow of movement, or could they create potential bottlenecks?

Similarly, the type of door you choose is also important. Depending on the constraints of your workplace, your door may need to swing inwards or outwards. If you’re limited by space, perhaps consider a folding or sliding door that doesn’t require clearance in order to operate.

At Glass Partitioning UK, we have plenty of door options compatible with all our glass partitioning systems. This is something we’re happy to discuss during your initial enquiry.

Glass Partitioning Inspiration

Your glass partitioning installation can be both exciting and daunting. With plenty of design opportunities available, it’s a great way to modernise and improve your work environment.

At Glass Partitioning UK, we’ve had the privilege of transforming countless workplaces across the UK with our glass walls. With each project, we consider the optimal partitioning positioning and work closely with our customers to offer a bespoke approach.

We recommend browsing through our extensive portfolio for more inspiration and ideas on how you can best position your own partitioning.

Glass Experts

The most effective way to strategically position your partitioning is to get in touch with our team. Our experts have years of experience to offer unparalleled advice on partitioning design and solutions so that you can maximise space in your workplace. Contact our experts to discuss your project with no obligations today.

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