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Glass Partitioning Case Studies

Effective solutions to divide new areas in warehouses without compromising on light. Check out this glass warehouse project!


The Challenge

The client had an open warehouse space that they wanted to divide using glass partitioning, with the vision of sectioning different work zones. Due to the project’s budget, they needed an affordable yet high quality solution to form a single glass wall.

Glass partitioning was the ideal solution for this environment as the client was keen to ensure a sufficient amount of light was reaching each newly divided area.

The Solution

At Glass Partitioning UK, we have incredible industry experience that enables us to find the ideal glass partitioning to suit your budget and the needs of your workplace.

For this project, the client decided to build their own bulkheads and stud walls to reduce costs. Our team then installed their new glass partitions into these building features. Bulkheads are used to reduce the height of the ceiling or provide a straight edge in which the glass panes can be installed. For more information on how we install our glass solutions in the workplace, read our blog.

The client opted to have an overhead panel as part of the partitioning project. This meant there was a larger glass surface area and, consequently, more light could reach into the new workspace. The main reason for this glass partitioning installation was to divide specific areas in the warehouse, but it was also important to the client that a healthy flow of light reached the new space. This can brighten the workplace, inspire employees and increase productivity. There are many benefits of using glass walls in warehouse spaces, maximising natural light being just one. 

Along with the client’s frameless glass partitions, we also installed a double glass door. Due to the nature work within warehouses, this made access easy and the transportation of larger materials simple to get in and out of each work area. The glass doors were complete with a professional stainless steel Guardsman handle.

The finished project used 12mm thick safety toughened glass partitioning to form a smart glass wall in their client’s warehouse. Designed to suit the client’s budget and the needs of the warehouse space, we delivered the project on time and with minimal hassle.

For exceptional glass solutions tailored to your space, get in touch with our team.

Some of our clients

We work with a range of brands from tech start-ups, to government & education.

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