Our Top Five Glass Office Ideas

Before any installation of your new glass partitioning begins, you’ll need to think about what style compliments your existing space and best captures the essence of your company. Introducing glass into the workplace can make most areas bright and sleek, but with a large range of glass types available, a multitude of different styles can be achieved. From classic and simple office dividers to impressive central design pieces, we can help you find the glass partitioning that’s right for your commercial space.

Whilst it’s essential that your new glass divider meets the functionalities required in your office, it’s also important for it to look good and feel right. We’ve highlighted some of our top glass office ideas to help you design your dream workplace.

One – Glass Offices for Unique Brands

Having a unique space in the office can make it stand out from other workplaces. Not only can it be inspiring for the employees that dedicate their hours there, but it can be impressive for visitors. To create an office that’s bespoke to your company, we suggest getting creative with glass manifestations. Manifestations are graphics or stickers that are required on glass partitions in the workplace for health and safety reasons. Whilst many hastily judge them as images that remove the clear and sleek appearance of the glass, we like to place a positive outlook on these visual requirements. Why not create a distinct space by adding a unique pattern or company logo to the glass panels?  At Glass Partitioning UK, we encourage our customers to be creative, that’s why we are happy to add bespoke manifestation designs onto your glass partitioning, to really make your office space individual.

Two – Glass Offices for Tech Smart Teams

Meeting rooms are where great ideas are made. They are a significant space in every business and it’s important that the interiors are inspiring and accommodating for all meetings happening inside. If you’re looking to create the ultimate glass meeting room, switchable glass partitions (also known as smart glass) are an impressive solution to divide up a flexible meeting space. This type of glass can alternate between visual privacy and a collaborative room with a remote control operator, meaning your meeting room experiences the best of both worlds. This tech-savvy glass type is also impressive to potential investors and visitors. We recommend using the clouded glass as a background for projecting presentations.

Three – Glass Offices for Growing Businesses

Whether your business is just starting out or has been working for several years, it’s always going to be growing and changing. If you’re considering a glass office but have concerns about your business outgrowing its walls, demountable glass partitions could help save you on both money and hassle. Although staff numbers grow and bigger office spaces are needed, you needn’t waste money installing new glass walls every time you upgrade your workspace. Removable glass walls are easy to uninstall and bring with you, wherever your business journey takes you. Not only will this save you money, but they are simple to demount and cause little damage or interruption to the surrounding environment.


Four – Glass Offices for Crowd Pleasing Employers

Classic. Simple. Timeless. Sometimes, you just can’t beat our frameless single or double glazed glass partitioning. These glass walls are a minimal and chic addition to any office. Depending on the glass type you require, you have control over the acoustic quality in your office. Whilst single glazed glass partitioning is best for less confidential areas, double glazed partitioning can increase the privacy of a space with improved sound insulation. Go that one step further and add acoustic glass to your single or double glazed counterparts to add 50% further noise reduction. With the ability to choose different acoustic performances without altering the style, you can create an elegant and professional space with the right properties to suit your project, depending on your requirements and budget. At Glass Partitioning UK, we have a range of glass doors to pair with your new glass office dividers, without removing the frameless finish.

Five – Glass Offices for Trend Setting Companies

Banded glass partitions are increasingly popular in offices, partly due to their refreshing Shoreditch style. They inject personality into an office with framed bars that grid around the glass panels. In particular, they compliment creative companies who are looking to create a retro appearance in the office, but look just as stylish in other types of buildings. What makes this glass an excellent partitioning for your office is the ability for different glass types to be installed between the aluminium framework. This means that you can select the right glass for your office and still benefit from the quirky finish of banded partitions. The framing is also available in a variety of colours so you can pick a style that compliments the rest of your office design.

Glass Meeting Room

We’ve pulled together some glass office ideas to help inspire you when installing glass partitioning into your commercial space. If you’re still unsure about what glass partitioning would suit your office best, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team to discuss what options are available to you. Our team has years of experience and can help you find the right glass divider to make effective use of space within your project.

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