5 Common Glass Partitioning Misconceptions

As the experts (and advocates) on glass partitioning, we strive to help our customers make informed decisions when it comes to selecting their partitioning systems. With that said, we’ve set out to debunk the top five myths of glass partitioning that might be holding you back from installing your glass office walls.

Debunking the Top 5 Glass Partitioning Myths

“Glass partitioning could easily shatter.”

This common misconception is only true when partitions are poorly specified. At Glass Partitioning UK, we have over 20 years of industry experience, so you can rest assured we will only install safe, high quality glazed glass partitioning.

The majority of our installations use safety toughened glass that boasts durability and strength. This type of safety glass is 5 times as strong as standard glass alternatives, with high impact resistance that provides workplaces with additional protection as the glass is less likely to break.

Frameless Glass Offices

Notably, our laminated glass (our acoustic glass partitions) isn’t toughened. Whilst this glazed partitioning doesn’t boast as much strength as our safety toughened alternatives, the acoustic membrane holds glass shards in place should the partitions break.

Glass is a safe material for office partitioning, creating stylish yet functional work spaces. If you wish to discuss the durability of your glass further please get in touch with our team.

“The transparency of glass can make it feel like there’s nowhere to hide.”

Glazed glass partitioning can form necessary work spaces all while maximising light and keeping in line with an open plan office design. Whilst some find this a great quality of our glass, we can understand that sometimes it may feel like there’s nowhere to hide.

To combat this, we’ve put together our top tips on how to add privacy to your glass partitions. For visual privacy, we recommend adding a glass manifestation to your partitions; frosted glass partitions can create an element of privacy that won’t compromise on design or light flow! For inspiration, check out our frosted glass partitioning installation we completed for patient confidentiality at a dentists, or our reeded film installation that created both privacy and a unique design feature.

“Glass is a hard surface so sound can echo around a room.”

When you place an order with GPUK, we’ll guide you through selecting the best glass partitioning for your workplace.


Our selection includes glazed glass with varying degrees of acoustic protection, absorbing sound vibrations and preventing levels of noise passing from room to room. From our affordable single glazed glass (with fixed partitions offering around 30dB acoustic rating) to our premium double glazed acoustic glass (up to 50dB depending on its counterparts), we’re sure to have a solution to suit your requirements and budget.

To discuss the right partitioning to control noise in your workspace, please don’t hesitate to contact our experts, or, check out our Acoustics Guide.

“People often walk into glass office walls.”

Glass manifestations are a legal requirement on certain glazed walls for this very reason. Depending on the measurements of your glass panes, these glass stickers indicate that the wall is there, preventing staff from walking into them.

Whilst this health and safety precaution might seem to ruin the frameless finish of your glass office, we see it as a creative opportunity. Along with standard manifestation designs such as our DDA dots, we provide the option to submit your own designs to create a showstopper that no one will miss, such as this unique map manifestation.

Creative Glass Manifestation

“Glass can smudge and is difficult to clean.”

Once installed, our glass partitions have a smart, clean and timeless appearance. To maintain their pristine look however, we recommend cleaning your glass partitions every few weeks with warm water and (a small amount of) washing up liquid, taking care not to get the joints wet. To avoid streaking, we always advise wiping your glass panes in a downward motion and using a microfibre cloth.

Our Glass Solutions

From increasing privacy to ensuring safety, if you have any questions regarding glass partitioning, please get in touch. Our in-house team of experts are always on hand, or alternatively, check out our FAQs.

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