A Clearer Return to the Office

If one thing’s for certain, it’s that the pandemic has shifted the way we consider work. As things begin to improve, you will likely be evaluating your future work model, whether that involves a full return to the office or a hybrid style, blending remote and in-office tasks. To keep pace with dynamic styles of work, many workforces have been renovating their office designs.

As we gain a clearer idea of what the future of the office looks like, glass partitioning continues to be a popular feature throughout – and to no surprise.

Glass walls are a contemporary office partition that strike an ideal balance between open plan and functional meeting spaces, proving to be a crystal clear solution to protect staff as they return to the office.

Post-Pandemic Offices

Using industry insights, we’ve outlined a few key features we anticipate to be pivotal to the future of our workplaces. If your workforce is settling into a ‘new norm’ and you’re reviewing your own office design, here’s a few things to consider..


To encourage employees to return to the office, there needs to be an attraction; the office needs to offer something the home can’t. Refurbishments and renovations are great to upgrade your existing interiors to create an inspiring office layout, incorporating agile spaces that grant staff with the tools they need to perform at their best.

Glass Partitioning

Typically, acoustics tend to be a huge attraction for the office. Here, staff have the option to work in enhanced sound protected spaces where they can focus on work or hold any private meetings. Our acoustic glass partitioning helps to form essential meeting spaces with advanced acoustic rating and maximum light that the home just can’t compete with. 

High Levels of Hygiene

After excessive (but incredibly necessary) handwashing and the use of face masks, many offices are keen to find sanitary interior solutions to protect their team in the future. Glass has a clean and hygienic appearance to make staff feel protected. Not only is glass an easy material to clean, it can withstand regular cleaning without causing damage to the panels. As an alternative solution, we recommend using warm water and gentle washing up liquid to clean your glass panes.

Following your Glass Partitioning UK installation, we send specially packed aftercare packages to our customers to ensure their glass partitions are cared for. Within these packages, you’ll receive maintenance instructions to ensure your partitions achieve that squeaky clean feeling.

Social Distancing

Throughout the pandemic, we provided workspaces with glass desk screens and reception barriers to help keep their key workers safe, and have continued to do so in today’s workplaces. In the office, our glass partitioning acts as a physical barrier as a social distancing solution without secluding staff members like more solid partitioning can do.

Glass Barrier for Social Distancing

Closing the Door on Open Plan Designs

Many modern offices take on an open plan design for a number of reasons; it inspires collaboration, keeps in line with minimalist aesthetics and is a big feature within the hybrid office design. However, due to the need for protective barriers and acoustic challenges, the practicality of open plan offices can be questioned.

Our frameless glass partitioning is the perfect solution to create a transparent office wall. The clear glass gives the illusion of more space and allows a maximum flow of natural light to reach the workplace, reaping in a range of health and productivity benefits. What’s more, glass partitioning can contribute to forming a collaborative workspace as departments feel less secluded as their colleagues are still visible.

Glass Office Walls

If you’re looking to divide acoustic meeting rooms in your open plan office, we offer a range of solutions to suit your sound requirements. Simply see our acoustics guide or get in touch with our team for more information.

Glass Office Partitioning

Whether you’re updating existing interiors or relocate workspaces, we offer a range of glass partitioning solutions to suit your budget. We provide instant quotes to give you an accurate idea of costs for your project, however, if you want to discuss anything further, please don’t hesitate to contact our team.

Some of our clients

We work with a range of brands from tech start-ups, to government & education.

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