Top Tips to Personalise Your Glass Partitions

Our glass partitioning systems are incredibly popular for their appearance. Wherever fitted, they promise a sleek and modern finish that can complement any workplace – but did you know that our glass partition walls can be customised?

In fact, there are many reasons why you should consider personalising your interior glass walls, from performance to aesthetics:

  • Performance – The interior glass partition you select can impact the performance attributes of your glass office. Primarily, our customers are interested in the different acoustic qualities that can be tailored to suit their business. For example, the glazed system you select can offer different degrees of sound protection, helping to contain the chaos or improve privacy in your workplace.
  • Brand Identity – There are also more visual ways to personalise your glass walls, including banding or glass manifestations. These are available in a variety of glass partition designs and colours. For many, this is a great tool to reinforce company branding and identity, forming a workplace that inspires and engages your workforce.
  • Budget – At Glass Partitioning UK, we offer interior glass wall systems to suit any budget. From an affordable, high quality single glazed glass wall divider to our premium acoustic glass, our experts can identify the best system suited to your financial requirements.

With so many benefits available, here’s a few ways you can personalise your glass partition system.

Glass Panel Type

At Glass Partitioning UK, we offer many different glazed systems, with our more standard options including:

To the untrained eye, there are little visual differences between each glazed glass wall, however, the performance of your glass office will change depending on the system you select. Our experts will discuss these options with you to ensure we fit the best system, personalised to your requirements.

Our single glazed glass partitions are a great, all round system for many of our customers. This affordable glass wall offers a small degree of noise protection, harmonising the ideal work environment within many offices.

Double Glazed Glass Partitions

If your office could benefit from more insulation, we recommend our double glazed glass walls. Although a step up in price, our customers will benefit from our double glazed solution as a high end solution to combat noise.

For more acoustically challenged workplaces, we often specify acoustic glass walls. As one of our premium products, this system is perfect for work areas such as meeting rooms, glass recording rooms and more.

For more advice on the best glass partitioning bespoke to your workplace, contact our experts. Our team has years of experience and can identify the ideal system to suit the needs of your workforce.

Glass Partition Design

Our customers are able to personalise their glass partition wall with a variety of different systems, including banded glass partitioning, framed glass partitioning and frameless glass wall systems.

Banded glass partitions (also known as industrial framed glass partitions) are distinguished by their aluminium framework that creates a windowed effect. These bars are available in many colours, with the standard options of black, white and grey. In some cases, we can install bespoke designs such as this banded glass partitioning installation in London, which uses smaller window sizes.

Banded Glass Partitioning

Similarly, our framed glass partitions are available with many colour options to suit your preference. We will discuss the perfect option for your space during your initial consultation.

Frameless glass wall systems can create a seamless appearance that looks contemporary and smart in many professional environments. This glass design also maximises light flow and is popular in corporate areas such as meeting rooms and boardrooms.

Glass Manifestations

To create a truly unique glass office, we can apply bespoke manifestations to your glass partition panels.

At Glass Partitioning UK, we offer standard designs such as DDA Dots and frosted bands for improved privacy, as well as the option to take your bespoke graphic designs and turn them into masterpieces. Many of our customers take this opportunity to incorporate company branding into their overall office design.

Bespoke Glass Partitioning Manifestation

Take a look at some of our previous glass manifestation installations:

Bespoke Glass Partitioning

With every Glass Partitioning UK order, we undergo a refined process. Before we begin any installation, we’ll uncover a detailed brief about the wants and needs of your glass office to ensure we specify glass partitions that truly capture your company.

To discuss your glass office options further, contact our team today.

Some of our clients

We work with a range of brands from tech start-ups, to government & education.

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