4 Reasons to Use Curved Glass in Offices

Curved glass is not always the first thing that comes to mind when you think of glass, but this unexpected choice can transform your space with its elegance. 

Curved glass office partitioning makes the room feel larger and more welcoming with its softer lines, plus it still allows for natural light to stream through. This unique feature not only adds a touch of sophistication but also improves the functionality and aesthetics of any space it’s in.

But is a curved glass partition a good fit for your space?

There are many cases for a curved glass partition, it works in a variety of environments such as office, retail, and hospitality units, and even museum displays. Each of these settings can benefit from the sleek and modern appeal of curved glass, making it a versatile choice for designers and architects.

Within offices, you can usually expect to see them used in reception areas, welcoming employees and prospective customers into a warm and friendly environment. The gentle curve of the glass can create a more inviting entrance, setting the tone for a positive experience right from the start. Other use cases include meeting rooms, making your boardroom that little more special when you need to make a good impression.

4 Reasons you should pick glass walls for your office:

The main reasons our clients choose to opt for glass walls are for…

  1. Zones & Transparency: Glass allows you to have office zones without affecting the surroundings. Light can still travel, but noise is reduced while still allowing employees to feel included in the space. This balance between openness and privacy is essential for a productive and collaborative work environment.
  1. Cost Effectiveness: Traditional stud walls can be costly and immovable. Whereas glass partitions can be less costly, more flexible and still maximise natural light which is really important in workspaces. The ability to reconfigure glass partitions can lead to long-term savings and adaptability.
  1. Versatility: Glass panels are a quick, simple solution to partitioning off space in the workplace. They can be installed and disassembled in no time at all, and require no structural changes to the room – a great choice for businesses which are growing quickly and need to be flexible.
  1. Easy On The Eye: Glass partitions on the whole are a modern and trending choice for work environments making room dividers more appealing. They contribute to a clean, uncluttered look that can enhance the overall design aesthetic of your office.

The above photos showcase how curved glass works for our London client. On first contact, they told us that they wanted a solution which followed the angle of the stairs so they could create a real wow factor when someone walked into the reception area. The resulting design not only met their practical needs but also created a stunning visual effect that left a lasting impression.

Our team concluded that our modular curved glass option would be the best fit as the glass pane followed the curve of the stairs very nicely, thus helping us maximise all available space. The seamless integration of the curved glass into the existing architecture highlights our ability to customise solutions to fit any specific requirements.

Installation of curved glass is more complicated than installing standard glass partitioning but our experienced team took it in their stride. After measure-up, including curve radius, we could then ensure the glass tracks were accurate for easy fitting on installation day. Read the full case study here to learn more about how we overcame challenges and delivered exceptional results.

What Specification Is Available?

With curved glass, you have fewer choices available but there are still a few options you’ll need to be aware of:

  • Each curved glass comes in single-glazed glass.
  • Top and bottom track colour choices are available in White, Silver, Dark Grey and Black.
  • Options for either curved or faceted glass, catering to different budgets.

Are curved glass partitions as sturdy as straight panels?

You might think that a curved glass partition wall would be less hardwearing, but in fact, they have superb durability and quality to them. We have two options available for you to consider:

  • Modular: Curved glass is installed as a modular section.
  • Panelled: ‘Curved’ glass is created from faceted glass in straight panels angled to achieve the illusion of a curve.

What Does The Installation Survey Involve?

Once you’ve approached us we’ll book in with you to come and review your site with a technical site survey. We’ll take precise measurements and structural notes. Next up we’ll supply and install the glass focussing on alignment, stability and quality. Our service continues well after the fitting with our team ready to support at the end of a phone call. This commitment to ongoing support ensures that your investment in glass partitions continues to pay off well into the future.


Contact our team to chat about all things glass! Stay ahead of the curve and explore how glass partitions can work for your office with our team of experts. We offer free, transparent advice, quick project quotes and end-to-end management to ensure your project is as quick and easy as possible. So now is your time to discover the potential of curved glass partitions and how they can elevate your workspace to new heights of style and functionality.

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